Addoley (pronounced AH-doe-lay) grew up in south Florida and currently resides in Saint Louis, Missouri. After a long stint at childhood, Addoley escaped suburbia, fleeing to Baltimore, where she received a BFA in General Fine Arts at Maryland Institute College of Art. 

The opportunity to spend a semester in Italy during her junior year spurred her interest in living abroad, and she went on to live and work in England and New Zealand — the latter where she stayed for two years, married her amazing travel partner, and did everything from picking apples and folding socks in a factory, to teaching bookbinding and working for New Zealand's International Film Festival.

Through her artwork, she explores the potential of materials/objects as vessels for memory and creates systems through repetition. In addition to material, she explores the concepts of home, value, and time.

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The purpose of this blog is to share images of works in progress (as well as completed works), and to recruit participants for various collaborative projects.