Monday, May 21, 2012

project: ice cream party

This project was a collaboration between addoley and lyndon in conjunction with graduate students from Washington University's Sam Fox School.


We've noticed that ice cream seems to have a way of heightening emotion and bringing people together. Think to the familiar image of a woman who has just experienced painful rejection crying over a pint of ice cream, or to the other extreme, an image of children chasing an ice cream truck.

A cinnamon heath ice cream played a major role in getting addoley and lyndon together nearly eight years ago in Baltimore. So in this vein, an e-mail was sent requesting proposals for flavors. These flavors were curated down to six:

avocado lime
pink peppercorn honey
bourbon date
cucumber melon
lemongrass vanilla rum
chocolate irish car bomb

Flavors were chosen for their creativity and deliciousness potential - with practical concerns factoring in to weed out flavors involving expensive or meat-based ingredients. Over the course of a month, addoley and lyndon spent many days creating and tasting, inviting participants and other friends to an ice cream party in the afternoon on May 15, 2012. 

By creating homemade ice cream in flavors that were invented (and not commercially available), we sought to create a unique and enriching ice cream experience for our community of friends, which include lyndon's classmates and my coworkers.

side effects for some

you ate it, now rate it
participants rated each flavor on a scale of 1 to 5
my personal favorite

after everyone left, we made milkshakes.


  1. Oh yum!! I love this idea, except I'd have to figure out how to do it raw! I've been thinking of birthday party ideas--mayhaps a smoothie spin on this? I love that you created and nurtured community with this too. Your place looks lovely as do you and Lyndon!! Much love xoxoxo

    1. I'm guessing it wouldn't be too hard...some agave (is that raw?) and freshly juiced or blended fruits thrown into the ice cream maker. A smoothie spin sounds good too. Love to you too, Jung :)

  2. Sounds delicious! I'd be especially interested in the Car Bomb and the avocado lime!

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, Laurie. People seemed to either love or hate the avocado lime flavor. The car bomb chocolate was great with even more Irish Cream poured over it. Super decadent.

    2. You can't go wrong with irish cream!

  3. Such a great idea! Ice cream parties are definitely the way to go!