Sunday, May 6, 2012

work in progress

may 2012

I loathe styrofoam, but a few slabs of it came with some furniture we bought, so I've been putting it to good (re)use in the studio as a surface to organize and photograph on . 

The sunlight was trickling in beautifully through the blinds and across the floor as I snipped away with my favorite scissors. Meanwhile, the B was hanging out in the studio too, now that the semester is over...busy with his needlework project. 

I should have more photos soon as this project progresses.

In other news:

Scripts and Systems
If you happen to be in Lexington, KY between May 24th and July 15th, you can see this piece.
Lexington Art League @ Loudoun House: 

209 Castlewood Drive
 Lexington, KY 40505


  1. Oh, I like your styrofoam project. I also loathe it, but at least your're putting it to good (re)use. Can't wait to see the finished piece. xoxo

    1. Hi Jung,
      Thanks for checking it out! I won't be using styrofoam in the project (it's going to be mostly paper), but have been using it as a surface for organizing the components and photographing on.