Thursday, April 11, 2013

lifelong learner: jewelry class

Around this time last year, I took a wheel throwing class at the Craft Alliance location near where I live. This year, I'm taking a jewelry/metals class. With something new, it's always a little frustrating the first few classes to be the bumbling newbie who barely knows a thing, but I'm very pleased with what I was able to do in only three hours:

It's a tiny copper cylinder with a matching domed lid that will be hinged (during next week's class). We're all making different iterations of the same thing. Some students are using brass, some made a square or petaled base, others are using combinations of copper and brass.  What they all have in common is...well...the woman sitting next to me asked, "Is it just me, or do they look like little...?" and then we both laughed. There's a reason I didn't perch the lid on the cylinder for this photo! I can't help but wonder if the instructor realized this when designing the project.

I have a project idea in the research stage that may require the kinds of skills and knowledge I'll be getting from this class...and, let's be honest, I just like making stuff. All kinds of new words for me: flux, the pickle, annealing, etc.

The location for this class requires a ~4 mile bike ride. I took my time on the way there, when the sun was shining and the birds were still singing. But at one point, someone in a car intentionally tried to scare me by speeding up and stopping just short of me, rather than waiting at their stop sign. They did it twice! Awful. The ride home was incredibly fast. I raced through dark alleys and got home in about 24 minutes. A nice bike ride or walk is great for thinking.


My weird tube thing melted while I was trying to solder a few weeks ago! My teacher recommended I start working on a locket instead. Here it is so far.  Next week is the last class, so I'll use that time to clean up the solder mess and polish this little beaut.

I  need to cut and hammer the brass hinge pin as well as make a silver clasp to keep it closed.

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