Wednesday, June 5, 2013

on the road

I'm writing from DFW airport as I wait for a connecting flight to New Orleans. Lyndon and I left St Louis today, with nearly everything tucked away in storage, for our summer adventures. It's been an entire week of packing and moving slowly using a WeCar and eventually a UHaul van, and I'm glad to be able to relax and stop looking for nails to remove from random walls and dust bunnies to sweep.

nearly packed to the gills

It's been almost 8 years since I first went to New Orleans, and I didn't get to see much that time as we left the night Hurricane Katrina was landing. I'm excited to see the city, but sad that I didn't have a chance to and will never know it for what it used to be.

On this trip, I get to see my former roommate from a semester I spent in Italy almost 10 years ago (time flies!), as well as spend quality time with plenty of in-laws. :)

On the flight here, I had a fresh wave of excitement about the upcoming residency and all the new things I'll get to see and do and make. Most of my posts about that will be on the Finland blog once I get there.

Thank you friends, family, and supporters for helping to make this upcoming Nordic adventure possible!

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