Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a year: as loop

These following submissions astounded me.

First, because this is how I view a year, which was the root inspiration for this project.
Second, because none of the participants needed any further explanation other than my written directions. The first one pictured below was sent back by mail. It is by one of my brothers. Neither of us were ever taught to "see" this way, and we had never discussed this before, but (unlike our other two siblings) this is how we spatially see a year:

...even down to seeing more months crammed into the summer's end of the ellipse than in the winter's.

He included notes:
"- ellipse rotates depending on time of year
- when thinking in Japanese the months become numbers"

He describes himself as:
"mature, caring, Japan, dance, strength, unique"

The following person read the instructions, instantly drew this (below) and handed it back. What makes some of us see a year as a track with distinct points on it for each place in time?

This submission (above) was the vision of someone who is a:
"Writer, Los Angeles, Art collector"

The beautifully-drawn spiral below came all the way from New Zealand:

The artist describes herself:
"resourceful, friend, free, visionary, dancer, Kiwi, worshipper, mid life, listener, sweet sadness"


  1. Very cool! I guess mine was too metaphorical, huh? I hope you're doing well! xoxo

  2. Thanks Jung! Yes, yours was metaphorical but like most of the less diagrammatic drawings it was a very optimistic way of seeing.
    Thanks again for rallying your friends to participate!

  3. This is very interesting Addoley! I also think of a year as a loop. I've enjoyed looking at your blog so far...I like your sock darning project--I might pass along some holey socks to you soon :)