Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a year: as road / line

Another theme is a road or path. Some see the months as a jumble of roads that form a year, others as a straight path leading into the horizon or traversing a space.

The submission below is a beautiful example of a simple yet perfectly explanatory drawing.
It came with a written explanation:


She describes herself as:
  • Female
  • 36
  • white
  • raised in America
  • non-practicing poet
  • professional procrastinator

This next submission...

...was the vision of someone who is self-described as:
  • meticulous
  • tenacious
  • dedicated
  • introverted
  • snarky

The next one seems to take the view of standing in the present, looking forward to the year stretching out ahead in the distance:

She is: "giver, taker, lover, maker, hugger, kisser, fixer-upper, blender, mixer, cooker, eater, liar, cheater, biker, typer, writer, thinker, laugher, cryer, grumbler, winker, judger, fighter, make-righter, dancer, screamer, seeker, dreamer"

This submission (below) was the vision of someone...

...who is self-described as a:
  • Fat
  • Funny
  • Intense
  • Artist
  • Obnoxious
  • Husband

And of course, every artist's mother must participate in their daughter's projects. My mom was straight to the point:

She describes herself as a:
  • Consultant
  • Democrat
  • Separated
  • Czech/Finnish Ancestry
  • Renewable Energy
  • Christian
  • Love to travel
  • Love my children

This (above) was the vision of someone who defines himself as:
  • Logical
  • Selfless
  • Supportive
  • Strong
  • Mature
  • Not an Artist

    Above, describes himself as:

    • bold
    • shy 
    • loud
    • observant
    • quick
    • creative
    • orderly
    • agile
    • loving
    • imperfect
    • studious
    • understanding
    • misunderstood

    This next submission shows the months flowing downward. She wrote:

    • Retired teacher
    • Quilter
    • Bridge Player
    • Unitic
    • the Sun; a breeze
    • Traveler
    • Widow
    • Black American
    • Clock
    • Democrat

    This next submission seems to show a year as a road emerging from a hazy cloud.
    It was the vision of someone who is:

    • Timeless 
    • Grateful 
    • Seeker 
    • Light  
    • Beautiful 
    • Blessed

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