Thursday, March 1, 2012

older works: buttons

I have a friend visiting tomorrow from Florida for a long weekend, so I am in the process of cleaning up the studio to serve as a guest room. Since my mother moved across the country to greener pastures some months ago, I have now in my possession (and feel the weight of) all of the things I have kept throughout my life, from a koala puppet named Timothy to the first book I made at the age of six.

I had several unopened boxes I had been avoiding for as long as possible, and today I dug out this piece from circa 2004.


It was squashed, and the wires had gone a bit rusty, but I managed to reshape it. Curiously enough, I cooked octopus for the first time last night (with great results). The design of an octopus - with its perfectly laid out tentacles and suckers - is far more elegant than this piece, but it was easy to draw a connection.

last night's dinner

I still have a lot more to unpack (but that won't be happening today). I'm curious to see what else I have held on to.


  1. Last nights din-din looks Beautifully put together! But not very appetizing!! Lol, How did it taste!?

    1. Great to hear from you, Val.
      It tasted like the ocean. Salty, smooth and lovely. You should try it sometime.