Friday, March 30, 2012

9 to 5

march 2012

This video contains an image for each of the 480 minutes in a working day.  In 9 to 5, I sought to capture that archetypal chunk of time when most people are away from their homes and at their place of employment.  The room is sealed off; no one passes through. The room and the camera are left alone to experience the daylight. 

Having spent many days at home during these hours -while unemployed either by choice or by circumstance- I have become familiar with the passage of light through my bedroom. This measured passage of time began to concurrently represent both the transgressive freedom of “playing hooky” from standard work hours and increasing anxiety at my separation from what can be viewed as common experience. 

I continue to be interested in the idea of work, in terms of what qualifies as work and the value placed on work. As with my Year Project, I am also fascinated by the passage of time and the many ways in which something so intangible can be quantified and depicted.

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