Tuesday, April 3, 2012

a year: peaks and valleys

Another theme that emerged seemed to be peaks and valleys.

For some, birthdays of loved ones play a significant role in how they view a year. I believe the following submission is one of these:


She describes herself as:
  • Daughter
  • Sister
  • Steven's girlfriend
  • Art writer Sometimes curator

This next one shows color changes as time passes, something I noticed in a few other submissions.

His description of himself was a work of art in itself, so I decided to scan that in too, rather than type it:

See more of his work at karledwards.com

The following also shows color changes for different parts of the year:

she wrote:
                                   -> seasons
                                   -> flow of time
                                   -> progression
                                   -> hour-glass


                                   -> creative
                                   -> quiet
                                   -> thoughtful
                                   -> vegetarian
                                   -> neat freak

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